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The Bee Lady Farm

BEES New World Carniolan Queens -Coming in April

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Exceptional Honeybee Queens at an exceptional price.

Buy with confidence knowing that you are getting an amazing queen that has been raised and not factory farmed.

These Queens are first generation from our breeder Queen, Myrtis, that we got from the WSU New World Carniolan program. This is the only program of its kind to get genomes from top stock drone bees in Europe to combine with top stock Carniolan genetics in the United States - making them New World Carniolans. 

Our colonies have been stocked with other Queens from this program as well so that when the open air mating occurs there are plenty of top line genetic  New World Carniolan drones available. 

Alabama State Inspected

Our colonies are part of the USDA Aphis Honey Bee Survey 

UPS shipment of lives are not insurable and queens shipped via UPS are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Replacement of queens is solely at the discretion of The Bee Lady.

When your shipment of queens arrives open immediately and attend to them. DO NOT bank queens in the shipping box.

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