Welcome to the ABOUT page – where you can get a little backstory on The Bee Lady and find out how you could expand your beekeeping footprint and save money.

This is Evelyn, a beautiful soul in every aspect. She was an amazing mother, grandmother, community member, and bestest friend ever wife.  She had a tremendous fascination with honeybees and their pathway to greater communion with nature.

Sharing and service is a fulfilling aspect of life that, like many, we found could be experienced through the community of beekeeping.

Together we started on a path of sharing the passion that provides learning, adventure, happiness, and love with nature, family, community, and of course honeybees.

We got her a trademarked logo, improved a grainery on our farm to sell bees and supplies from, and had the start to an exciting community-based cottage business.

Then the journey did one of those things.

Evelyn passed in 2018 from gastric cancer. 


So that’s why and how a man named Paul runs point for The Bee Lady.(btw this was our first photo with a selfie stick, we were headed from the farm in Minnesota to see Marlene in Iowa to pick up nucs.)


If you run a small beekeeping supply shop in your area or are thinking about it, do some research, find your best price, and then contact me. How can I help you?

It truly is about expanding the love of beekeeping. We decided our focus could be on the bees themselves and keeping costs low. The form of that takes on a variety of angles.

Whether the cost savings allows for someone to expand their business, expand their apiary, or allows them to simply keep what they have without going broke- then our mission has been fulfilled.

Wholesale zones are possible.

Dallas, Texas is taken

Alabama is obviously off the map.

If you would like to advance order nucs for Spring sales or supplies without the huge mark ups, please reach out. 

Thank you for taking the time to see her beautiful smile and the sparkle in her eyes.