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The Story of THE BEE LADY.

Ev is an amazing woman, wife, mother, GiGi (grandmother), 2 time gastric cancer survivor, and a do it all in the fast paced corporate world “wonder woman”.  She and her hubby started with a few stands of bees and wow how things have grown! Soon on Facebook and around town people just started calling her The Bee Lady, so we Trademarked it and started selling equipment, . 

We are proud to offer a full line of beekeeping equipment at a fantastic price!


Since moving to Minnesota we have also begun collecting and selling Vintage Collectibles and Ev is now making homemade goodies such as candles, and beauty stuff (lotion, tub bombs) and we also offer our Son's Mustache Wax and our Daughter's jewelry and art!  We are a family of fun and creativity!